SFB-300eco/ small high-pressure unit

                    Automatic pressure and volumetric flow control



The SFB-300eco/small was developed with energy efficiency in mind. Thanks to the continuous control of the volumetric flow,
the machine runs at all times within its 
optimum efficiency range.

At the control display, the pressure can be set to 4 pressure levels, which can then be applied at the machine tool by means of memory commands. The high pressure can be made available up to 4 machining stations.
This high-pressure unit also fit in very small space, such as between the loading magazine and the tooling machines.


Suitable for machine tools, short and long lathes.



Technical Data:    

Max. performance


 Tank capacity  

 Continuous adjustment  

 Dimensions (LxWxH)  

  100 bar / 20 l/min 

40 μm

170 l

 Display with 4 pressure levels

1270 x 500 x 800 mm

150 bar / 20 l/min

40 μm

170 l 

Display with 4 pressure levels

1270 x 500 x 800 mm


Side heat exchanger = width 600mm

Heat exchanger front = total length 1370mm


• Medium: cutting oil, water emulsion (at least 10% oil content)

• changeover filter (wire mesh washable)



• Double changeover filter
• up to 4x valve switching
• 10 μm filter for deep hole drillling
• Customised units

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