Belt filter 




Ideal for:
Bass, aluminium, grey cast iron,
spheroidal graphite cast iron (SGCI), malleable cast iron and large amounts of Chips

Suitable for: Steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals



- Fine filtration through three-dimensional filter fleece (fabric filters are two-
  dimensional only)
- Choice of materials for wide range applications
- Filter does not become contaminated, as solids are removed in filter fleece from
  the system
- The hydrostatic pressure in the filtration tray and the composition of the filter
  cake ensure significantly higher filter retention rates, with full utilisation of the
  filter fleece capacity
- Suitable for the removal of all types of contaminants from cooling lubricants,
  emulsions, oils and water
- The rotating scraper removes large volumes of sludge and chips
- For large chip volumes, optional swivelling scrapers increase the removal rate
- Compact filter design with high throughput rate, requiring only minimum space;
  energy-efficient operation
- Maintenance-free and easy to operate 


How it works:



- Preliminary chip removal in interstitial strainer/basket strainer > 2 mm or chip remover
- Applications: Drilling, milling, turning, thread-cutting
Medium: 8 - 20 mm²/sec
- Rated flow rate: 60 - 80 l/min for steel

For retrofitting, the entire cooling lubricant system must be cleaned of all chips and fine dirt particles.








                        belt filter        

 belt filter


                     soiled filter fleece



Filtration is done in a semicircular filtration tray. The level might reach up to 200 mm.
This high hydrostatic pressure guarantees optimised utilisation of the fleece.
Two filter wheels to the side seal off the filtration tray.
Between the two wheels, there are several sludge scrapers that remove all dirt from the fleece.
The filter inlet is at the centre of the unit, while the filtrate outlet at the bottom extends vertically across the entire
The filter medium is returned to the clean tank.











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