automatic back flush filter




      Ideal for:
Steel, free cutting steel, tool steel, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel 

      Suitable for: Aluminium, magnesium, brass 



      - Low life-cycle costs, as there is no need to replace filter material
      - Cleaning without interruption in filtration
      - Precision chip removal based on principle of surface filtration
      - Top-quality asymmetric filter medium made from
        multiple sintered stainless steel mesh on sturdy support body
      - Process safety thanks to efficient filter cleaning
      - Solid construction and high-grade materials for prolonged service life
      - Low liquid loss during cleaning process
      - Segment-based filter cleaning with powerful backwashing pulse
      - Specification of actual filter size and nominal chip removal rate
      - Integrated preliminary chip removal by means of tangential inflow and immersion tube
      - Material combinations for wide range of applications
      - Low-maintenance design



     - Preliminary chip removal in interstitial strainer/basket strainer > 2 mm or chip conveyor
     - Applications: Drilling, milling, turning
     - Medium: 8 -  32 mm²/sec
     - Rated flow rate: 60 - 80 l/min for steel machining

       We recommend using only filtered oil in the machine. At particle loads of more than
       200 mg/l, the oil should be cleaned first in a separate filtration unit. As a rule, the
       total particle load of the oil should not exceed 200 – 300 mg/l.
       For retrofitting, the entire cooling lubricant system must be cleaned of all chips and fine xxx  dirt particles.








                          Automatic back flush filter    



















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