Double changeover filter




     Ideal for:
Steel, free cutting steel, tool steel, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel

     Suitable for: Aluminium, magnesium, brass



     - Small footprint and compact design

     - Minimum pressure loss thanks to streamlined design of components

     - Visual/electrical service indicator

     - Easy to service



     - Preliminary chip removal in interstitial strainer/basket strainer > 2 mm
       or chip remover

     - Applications: Drilling, milling, turning


     Cleaning recommendation for DRG filter elements:


     1. Ultrasonic cleaning

     The contaminated filter element is immersed for approx. 90 - 120 minutes, preferably   xxxin an upright position (with/without turning), in the ultrasonic bath and
     then rinsed with clean detergent.   
     The filter element is subsequently cleaned with great care with compressed air from    xxxthe clean side outwards.
     Suitable detergents are cleaner's solvent and similar products.

     2. Manual cleaning – only suitable for filter sizes of 40 µm and larger.

     2.1. Place the filer in a separate cleaning container and remove all loose dirt with
            a brush/paintbrush and cleaner’s solvent or similar product.

     2.2. Let the filter element soak for  pprox.. 20 minutes in a clean detergent bath.

     2.3. Rinse the filter element with clean detergent from the clean side outwards.

     2.3.1. Carefully blow out the filter element with compressed air, working from
               the  clean side outwards.

     Bei For both methods, it is important to prevent any dirt entering the inside
     (clean side) of the element. Do not use pointed or sharp-edged implements as
     they  could damage the wire mesh. These methods are however not suitable
     to achieve proper cleanliness in filters of 25 µm and finer. As a result, their service
     life will be gradually reduced!


     When do I need to change a filter element?

     For filters with visual or electrical service indicator:

     When starting the unit while it is still cold, the high viscosity of the medium
     might push out the red button of the indicator, triggering an electric signal.
     Wait until the system has reached its operating temperature and then push the
     red button back in.     
     If it is immediately pushed out again, or if the electric signal does not drop
     off the moment the operating temperature is reached, you must change the
     filter  element at the end of the shift.
     We recommend keeping a stock of original spare parts.
     Disposable elements (Mic, KS-Mic, PS and Sm-x) cannot be cleaned.




    double changeover filter       



   filter element - to change


















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